Xenirad, pronounced Zen-e-rad. The word Xenirad broken down means the following, Xen for Zen or peace. 

                                              I, the broadcaster     Rad, Radiate or broadcast


Xenirad means peace in the knowledge that your equipment is broadcast properly. Do you Xenirad?

Xenirad Broadcast Engineering was founded in April, 2006 by veteran broadcast engineer Fred Francis. Fred has 25 years experience working in the broadcast industry 16 of that combined with working in the two-way radio industry. A former Chief Engineer of a television station. After rebuilding an entire TV station tower site following a tower collapse due to an ice storm. Fred decided to go out on his own to provide services to others in need of excellent engineering services.

Xenirad has worked from coast to coast in the US and Internationally providing engineering services to great radio and television stations.


My name is Fred Francis and Xenirad is my company. I am committed to not only providing the best possible service but to keep up with current technologies and implement them in a manner that best fulfills the needs of the broadcaster.


                             I look forward to serving you.


                                              ---Fred Francis

                                                  Founder and President, Xenirad LLC.



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