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Providing excellence in Broadcast Engineering Services and Integration services for Radio and TV Stations. Supporting your local technical department as supplemental assistants or project management.  Studio and transmitter facility services as well as integration services are provided. With a rich history of solving the toughest RF issues in the industry. Xenirad is available throughout the Continental US and Internationally. 

transmitter site contruction
Transmitter Site Construction
transmitter site maintenance
Transmitter Site Maintenance
1/4 wave shorting stub
tuning section of a 1/4 wave shorting stub

From concept to completion your transmitter site is custom built to meet the needs of the station while keeping an eye on reliability and beauty. Multi-transmitter, multi-antenna facilities are designed and built to your specifications. Transmitter sites do not have to be ugly, they can be works of art that stand the test of time.

We Speak RF, fluently.  Using laboratory grade instruments from companies like Rohde-Schwarz, Copper Mountain Technologies, and Agilent, we can test, troubleshoot, repair and tune your equipment to get you back in proper working order.

Xenirad makes 1/4 wave shorting stubs, these create a DC short to ground that is invisible to RF for the ultimate in coaxial lightning protection. These units are handmade, and can be made with different coax sizes and connector options. Contact Xenirad to discuss your lightning protection needs. We can now make these adjustable to tune to your specific frequency and antenna situation.

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